Bank accounts

Having only started today I’ve got an extremely challenging climb ahead.

I had bank accounts with Westpac, ANZ, ING, and Commbank. I used them to move money around to avoid bills and direct debits.

I chose one bank to commit to. Commbank came out on top purely from product choices down the line.

I have closed all other accounts, and opened a savings account and a shares trading account (planning for later on down the road) with Commbank.

Shredded the other cards and binned them.

I’ve changed all my bills, debits and pay to go into my Commbank account.

Pay day is a couple of weeks away. I have no savings whatsoever and only $150 to survive until then (lucky my cupboard and fridge is full at the moment.)

Already feeling like I’m less confused about where my money is going and deleting the mobile banking apps made me smile to myself. Oddly liberating….

I’ll be sitting down tonight and writing up a spreadsheet to work out all my expenses and formulate a plan for getting back up to date with my debts.

Stay tuned.

Published by blakeserbert

Just a late 20's dude sorting through a myriad of poor life choices.

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